Audit trail tools

Task warrior

Taskwarrior is a popular task manager with many features for managing large task lists in a quick and efficient manner.

Taskwarrior is useful for managing large numbers of tasks. It provides reports, searching, sorting, and various levels of customizable detail. It maintains timestamps and unique identifiers (UUID) for each task, manages prioritisation of pending tasks, and keeps a history of completed tasks. The ability to create user-defined attributes makes it customisable for specific settings, such as a forensics lab or examination process.


You can also maintain a list of completed tasks and pending work by editing a simple text file. An example is the todo.txt file format by Gina Trapani.

Shell alias

You can also maintain an examiner activity log of completed tasks without the use of task management software. For example, here is a simple shell alias that redirects a short description into a file with a timestamp:

alias log="echo $2 \`date +%FT%R\` >> ~/examiner.log"

Then use it with, for example:

log started forensic acquisition of the disks


Snoopy is a command logger being actively developed: it provides a number of features, including logging the commands to syslog. Snoopy is a preloaded library that functions as a wrapper around the execv() and execve() system calls. It is transparent to users, and you can enable and configure it by adding the Snoopy library to /etc/ and editing the /etc/snoopy.ini file.