A threat-hunting tool from TekDefense, Automater, analyzes URLs, hashes, and URLs to simplify intrusion analysis. Using Automater, you can select a target and gather relevant information from well-known sources.

This application’s interface is quite user-friendly, even for beginners, and modifying the Python code is not necessary to use it. Furthermore, you can choose which sources are checked and what information is retrieved from them.

Searches can be conducted on IP addresses, MD5 hashes, and domains using Automater. Some of the trustworthy websites operated by the Automater tool are Unshorten.me, Urlvoid.com, IPvoid.com, Robtex.com, Fortiguard.com, Labs.alienvault.com, ThreatExpert, VxVault, and VirusTotal. Automater is a Python-developed tool made available on the GitHub platform.