Windows escalation tools

  • WinPEAS enumerates a target system to uncover privilege escalation paths. You can also download the precompiled executable or a .bat script. The output can be lengthy and sometimes difficult to read. It is recommended to always redirect the output to a file.

  • PrivescCheck is a PowerShell script that searches for common privilege escalations on a target system. It is an alternative to WinPEAS without having to execute a binary file. It may be necessary to bypass execution policy restrictions with the Set-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet.

  • Windows Exploit Suggester - Next Generation (WES-NG) will run on the attack machine, making way less noise. You run the systeminfo command on the target system, directing the output to a .txt file that you will need to move to your attacking machine. Before using it, update the database with # python -m --update, then use it on the downloaded .txt file: # systeminfo.txt