Urlscan.io is a free service developed to assist in scanning and analysing websites. It is used to automate the process of browsing and crawling through websites to record activities and interactions.

When a URL is submitted, the information recorded includes the domains and IP addresses contacted, resources requested from the domains, a snapshot of the web page, technologies used and other metadata about the website.

The site provides two views, the first one showing the most recent scans performed and the second one showing current live scans.

Scan of tryhackme.com
Summary page and tabs with more interesting information.
  • The Cisco Umbrella rank of the primary domain is (at the time of writing) 222829.

  • This website contacted 17 IPs in 3 countries across 14 domains to perform 119 HTTP transactions.

  • Domain registrar: NAMECHEAP INC

  • The main IP is 2606:4700:10::ac43:1b0a (IPv6)