Immunity Debugger (Windows)

Immunity Debugger is useful for exploit development, malware analysis, and reverse engineering. It can graphically render functions and program flows, facilitates heap analysis, and implements a Python API for scriptability. The Mona Python plugin, for example, supports figuring out offsets for buffer overflows, identifying ROP chains, and exploring more.


Installing Immunity Debugger requires the 32bit MSI installer for Python 2.7.18.

To make Immunity Debugger work on Windows 10 modify (and ADD if necessary) the following environment variables(assuming Python is installed at C:\Python27):



For using mona, copy the file into the PyCommands folder in the Immunity install.


To configure mona (bottom of mona):

!mona config -set workingfolder c:\mona\%p

In Immunity, go to Options -> Preferences -> Events, and un-tick everything under Break on. Now a program will only break when crashing on an overflow.