First responder toolkit

Physical evidence collection and preservation

  • Protective clothing, including eyewear and gloves

  • An anti-static mat or wristbands

  • Identification label tags, stickers, and portable labeling devices (if available)

  • Various pens and markers for easy identification

  • Cable ties

  • A toolkit with various sizes of Phillips, flathead, Torx, and specialized screwdrivers or heads

  • A flashlight and magnifying glasses

  • Seizure and CoC forms

  • Containers, boxes, and packaging materials, including anti-static and stronghold bags

  • Write-blocking hardware

  • Portable imaging and acquisition devices

Physical acquisition tools

  • A write-blocker (can also be software-based)

  • A card reader

  • Various adapters (USB to SATA and EIDE, USB to various types of USB)

  • Device cables, such as power, SATA, EIDE, HDMI, and VGA

  • Networking cables, such as straight-through, crossover, and console