Advanced searching

Popular search modifiers that work with many popular search engines.

Symbol / Syntax Function
"search phrase" Find results with exact search phrase
OSINT filetype:pdf Find files of type PDF related to a certain term
salary Limit search results to a specific site
pentest Exclude a specific site from results
walkthrough intitle:TryHackMe Find pages with a specific term in the page title
challenge inurl:tryhackme Find pages with a specific term in the page URL

Note: In addition to pdf, other interesting filetypes are: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls and xlsx.

Public Google Drive documents: "Target Name"

Documents on "Target Name"

Documents uploaded to Scribd: "targetname.tld"

Public PowerPoint presentations:

intext:"Target Name" filetype:pptx

Public PDF documents:

intext:"Target Name" filetype:pdf

.docx documents on GP’s website:

intext:"Target Name" filetype:docx

Google observes copyright infringement laws and moderates its search output, so also try other search engines.