Browser extensions


In some assessments/pentests, it is important to check applications from different geolocalisations, and it is possible to configure a public or private VPN in FoxyProxy.

User-Agent Switcher

Some applications work differently depending on web browser and devices from which they are opened. It is not possible to have all browsers, versions, and devices to test them. But, all of them are identified by a parameter included in the HTTP request, the User-Agent.

It can be switched directly in the HTTP request using an HTTP proxy, but to make lives easier, use the User-Agent Switcher, a Firefox add-on that has a lot of user agents to analyse different responses.


HackBar is an add-on that integrates a simple HTTP proxy into Firefox, providing the capability to manipulate HTTP requests. Only use for simple testing.

Cookies Manager+

Cookies Manager+ allows creating and modifying cookies so they can be read by the application and change the behaviour. It is also useful for checking the authorisation and authentication controls, where the user sessions and privileges are stored in cookies.